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Who Needs Backup when You're Jack Bauer?

By Terry

I’m not sure where to start, but last night’s episode (10:00 pm - 11:00pm) of FOX’s 24 proved once again why Jack Bauer is the most bad ass super agent on the planet. Literally bad ass!

Let me just recap for those that missed it (if you don’t watch, you’ll be lost as to what I’m saying… and if you don’t watch 24 you’re seriously missing out).

Being the first on the scene, Jack acts quickly and hides under a dump truck that Fayed is trying to escape in. I mean he literally hangs on the entire trip to Fayed’s hideout where the nuclear bombs are. What a nut case.

Once he gets there, he goes into ninja mode and snaps the neck of the bad guy on watch. Then he creeps into the hideout and prepares to recover the bombs. Now most agents would probably be calling for backup at this point, but not Jack Bauer. Jack decides to be gung-ho and goes on a solo killing spree that annihilates half a dozen terrorists!

After running out of bullets, he takes on Fayed in one of the best hero vs. villian fight scenes ever. This scene was seriously extreme. Fayed had Jack on his back and ready to finish him off, when Jack turns around and hangs Fayed with a nearby chain while whispering into his ear “Say hello to your brother.”

All this happened in a span of just four minutes. Craaazzzy I tell ya. Of course the rest of the CTU calvary arrives late to scene as usual. Doyle looks around at all the dead folk on the floor and Fayed hanging dead from a chain, and all he could say was “Damn, Jack!”

Damn is right. Jack Bauer, you are my idol!

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