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Well DOES Size Matter?

By Designer

Are we prejudiced against petite women with the big bag trend? Hmm. Well to those of you who still think the size of the bag is limited by the size of the girl, get with it, I say!

Sarah Michelle Gellar (5′3″) with

Lanvin Kentucky Tote $1545 @

It is discrimination to not “allow” some of the world’s most fabulous bags be carried by 5′0 and unders. I will absolutely agree with you if somehow you prove short girls need fewer belongings with them. Well? No, it’s not true. We need just as much junk, and we deserve to carry what.ever. we. want. to keep it in. Whether it be the Stam (honestly I don’t know how I could fill the thing up!) or a Silverado Tote, don’t try to keep the short girls down!

I personally think that we short girls are more blessed when it comes to looking fabbu with our purses. Why would I say such a crazy thing? Well, the bigger the bag, the more it overpowers our look. Yes, I may be a true bag crazed lady to want that in the first place, but I love it! That Stam or Snake skin bag will attract more attention being so large, and people will stop to notice and they will think it must be IT (if they don’t already know).

Besides, big bags can hide chubby parts no matter what the height, and don’t try to keep that benefit from us, either!

But that’s all just me, maybe. What do you think?

Does Bag Size Matter?

The bigger the bag on me, the more fab!

Big bags dwarf small girls, sorry.

I'll wear what I want, short or tall!

I'm tall and I want it all for myself!

Hey, short girls get tiny bags, not fair!

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