Where do Babies Come from?


Where do Babies Come from?
Where do Babies Come from?

He’s almost four. His mami told him when he was a little guy that the daddy plants a seed in the mommy and a baby grows.

Now he wants to know how. How does the seed get in there? how does the baby grow? Where does the baby grow? I’ve been deflecting most of these questions to some success but tonight, he wouldn’t be diverted. “But how, mama? How does the papa put the seed inside?” I sighed, looked into those bluer than blue eyes, took a deep breath, and told him. “With his penis.” (There, now inside motherhood is filtered forever, and Google is having spasms…) “A penis also helps make babies, it’s what makes boys daddies.”

Then he wanted to know where the seed went. I am not about to get into an anatomy lesson with my almost four year old. I simply pointed to my pubic bone and told him, “Mommies have a special place where babies are made and where they grow, right here inside their bodies. It’s a very special place, and that’s why a girl’s parts are private. You penis is very special, because it helps make babies, and that’s why it is private. What do you want for dinner? Fish sticks, or quesadillas?”

*phew* I did not think I was going to have to start the sex talks for a while yet. I thought i was in the clear but nope…

“How do babies get out, mama?”

“Through the birth canal, a special tunnel where the baby moves to be born.”

That made perfect sense to him. And we had fish sticks for dinner.

It’s not easy, even for me, and I’m pretty matter-of-fact about stuff. Mostly, I was imagining how things would sound when they come back out of his mouth tomorrow at school. I know he’s going to tell the pregnant teacher all about how babies are made and how they get out. tomorrow. *facepalm* But really, all I can recommend is be honest, be straightforward, and offer a minimum of answers to the questions, at this age. There will be time for books and pictures and Q&A soon enough.

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