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**By Andrea Coley **

Most of my days are clouded together in a fog that has not risen in a very long time. I hear talk about having a "fulfilled" life and I wonder what does that feel like. My life is good. I don't have financial wealth, but I am happily married to a wonderful man who adores me, is kind to me and is the father of our two healthy, actively beautiful boys. We are not faced with any major financial or health issues. So why am I not happier? Why does it seem my mind is not ever here? (Okay, so one of my beautiful boys is only seven months and not inclined to night sleeping, but he does sleep some.) But when does the floating on air, time of my life begin? A part of me has determined that it does not happen to all, and that makes me sad, yet it is not like me to become discouraged about something that IS attainable. As the saying goes, it is the chase that is all the fun. So, yes, my life seems mundane and you cannot convince me otherwise. But one day my day will arrive - if I strive. And maybe my life is not as I see it, but what those looking in see.

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