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What is Hot 2007 Jewelry Trends

By nersel

1 Romance and Feminity: Circles of life, symbols of fertility and signs of abundance are the newest themes ( ( check out our pomegranate pendants on ) as fertility, eternity and symbol of richnes)

2 Pink and Yellow Gold

3 Eco-Jewelry: Recycled Gold, Gems That Come from Legitimate Sources


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Hair isnt growing

4 Organic looking designs such as hand hammered details ( check out our hand hammered stable rings and other hand hammered jewelry on )

5 Jewelry with Non-symmetrical Proportions

6 Gemstones like Moonstones, Agate, Smoky Topaz

7 Variations of yellow gold, 24K gold ( check out 24K hand hammered kilim pendant on

8 Super Lux, Super High End Jewelry

9 Personalization, Convertable Jewelry Such as Pieces Which Can Be Worn More than One Way

10 Small personal pendants, iconic symbols, hearts, initials, talismans, baby sized jewels ( check out our pomegranate pendants on and evil eye pendant)

Reference: Jewelry Information Center, Trends from Las Vegas 2007

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