What is Hot! 2007 Jewelry Trends

1. Romance and Feminity: Circles of life, symbols of fertility and signs of abundance are the newest themes ( ( check out our pomegranate pendants on nerselirene.com ) as fertility, eternity and symbol of richnes)

2. Pink and Yellow Gold

3. Eco-Jewelry: Recycled Gold, Gems That Come from Legitimate Sources

4. Organic looking designs such as hand hammered details ( check out our hand hammered stable rings and other hand hammered jewelry on nerselirene.com )

5. Jewelry with Non-symmetrical Proportions

6. Gemstones like Moonstones, Agate, Smoky Topaz

7. Variations of yellow gold, 24K gold ( check out 24K hand hammered kilim pendant on nerselirene.com)

8. Super Lux, Super High End Jewelry

9. Personalization, Convertable Jewelry Such as Pieces Which Can Be Worn More than One Way

10. Small personal pendants, iconic symbols, hearts, initials, talismans, baby sized jewels ( check out our pomegranate pendants on nerselirene.com and evil eye pendant)

Reference: Jewelry Information Center, Trends from Las Vegas 2007

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