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What do You Want for Thirty Bucks

By Gayla

When you pay $30 for a membership to an online dating site, do you have any expectations as to what that service will provide?

Do you sign up as a means to broaden your possibilities? Do you believe that dating sites should conduct background checks or do you believe it’s up to you to be wise in your decision making?

Personally, I utilized the online dating sites for a number of years and became quite educated on the lingo people use to skirt the truth.

In a world where sexual predators can safely pose as the online version of McDreamy and lure so much personal information out of the most vulnerable and arrange a date, I believe it’s up to the individual dater to be as thorough as they can in obtaining information as possible. If they choose to conduct background checks, they can. There’s plenty of websites out there that offer just such services. But to hold the dating sites accountable for such measures is asinine. It’s near impossible for them to conduct a complex investigation into the backgrounds of every member.

If you’ve never driven a car before, you’re not likely to jump in and take off without at least a seatbelt — so why would you jump in to mainstream online dating without doing your homework and placing yourself in the most secure position possible when it comes to meeting people via this medium?


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