Wedding Theme Idea Pink and Gold


Wedding Theme Idea Pink and Gold
Wedding Theme Idea Pink and Gold

Have you ever thought about combining Pink and Gold as a wedding motiff? It’s an unlikely combination but wait till you see the samples and you’d be convinced!

Martha Stewart has great ideas about pink and gold as a suitable wedding theme

America fell in love with blushing pink and gold during the 1940s and 1950s. The palette, which suggested both the romance and glamour of Hollywood, hinted at a playful femininity and came to represent fine couture, days at the beach and on boardwalks, and lighthearted sophistication. Borrow from the nostalgic palette of exuberant pinks and shimmering golds on the following pages to create a wedding that is elegant without being stuffy. Shell pinks, cherry-blossom tones, misty rose, and cotton-candy pinks are just the beginning. Combine as many pinks as you like (they mix and match with surprising ease), then crown them in glittering golds.

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Sweet Stationery
Create a pretty paper trail.

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Peony-pink Invitation Engraved in Gold by Claudia Calhoun


An Invitation with Raspberry-pink Script by Mr. Boddington’s Studio; Backed with Gold Paper


Pink Script Letterpressed on a Scalloped Card by Pantry Press; the Word Menu Was Calligraphed by Nancy Howell


A Kate’s Paperie Envelope Calligraphed by Linea Carta


A Letterpressed Glove with a Bow on the Finger Reminds Guests to save the Date, and the Reception Card Features a Cake; Both by Hello!Lucky


Matchbox by for Your Party


An Envelope is Dressed up with Paper Trimmed with Scallop Scissors


A Day Planner from Papyrus and Pencils from Explicitly Yours Pencils Are an Ideal Bridesmaid Gift


Stamps from Champion Stamp

Colorful Cocktails
Serve two drinks two ways. Back row, from left: Pineapple puree is shaken with ice, pineapple juice, and vodka; the inside of the goblet is sprinkled with caramel dust. Seltzer replaces vodka in the non-alcoholic version, which is garnished with a sugar-edged pineapple slice. Front row: For those who prefer tart over sweet, pink grapefruit juice, pureed raspberries, and vodka mingle in a sugar-rimmed glass. Pink grapefruit soda brightens the non-alcoholic version, which is topped with frozen grapefruit.

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