Wedding Theme Idea Black and White


Wedding Theme Idea Black and White
Wedding Theme Idea Black and White

Thinking of having a black and white wedding theme but not sure what to do?

Here are some suggestions and ideas from Wed Themes!

Bridal Attire For The Entire Wedding Party

Keep your wedding attire simple. A black and white theme doesn’t go well with ruffles and frills. For the bride, dress in a sleek, straight white gown. Some raised embroidered details near the hem would look lovely. Add a long chiffon scarf draped around the front of the neck, over the shoulders and hanging down the back of the dress.

Have your bridesmaid’s dress in black. Here is a good place to add that accent color if you wish. On the bridesmaid’s outfits add a colored chiffon accent scarf or have them carry a single, accent colored flower.

The groom and groomsmen should dress in black tuxedos with white shirts. Again, you can incorporate an accent color here on the cumberbunds. Very smart!

Decorations & Favors For A Black & White Wedding Theme**

Decorating your ceremony and wedding reception locations should be a snap. Remeber to keep it simple and uncluttered.

* For pew markers choose large white bows with a black center knot. Accent color? Small silk flower in center of knot.

* Use white tablecloths, black napkins, black dishes… or reverse this if possible and isn’t too expensive (black tablecloth, white napkins, white plates). For the napkins, have your names and wedding date printed in the opposite color. Accent the settings with a colored foil-wrapped chocolate rose or a rose candle across the plates or use colored napkin rings (for cloth napkins).

* Use black and white balloonsfor arches and balloon bouquets. Tie black balloons with white ribbon, white balloons with black ribbon.

* On tables, use white flower arrangements in black ceremaic vases. Tie an accent colored ribbon around the neck of the vase for emphasis. Another table centerpiece idea would be to use black candlesticks or candleabras with white taper candles.

* Light up the tables with black and white floating candles in a clear bowl. Alternatively, use black candles in a white bowl and vice versa. You could also fill a clear, wide vase or jar with black and white marbles/beads, etc. and set a white or black candle inside. Alternate the candle colors on different tables.

* Wedding favors could consist of white wedding cake bubbles, personalized mint tins, almonds or chocolates placed in black & white dress and tuxedo favor boxes, or perhaps candies or nuts nestled in minature black top hats.

Flowers, Arrangements and Bridal Bouquets
The type of arrangement you’d like to have is best discussed with your florist. However, here are some flower suggestions that you may want to consider for your flower arrangements, table centerpieces, as well as bouquets. Keep in mind, a single flower can often make more of an elegant statement than an overflowing bouquet, especially with a black and white wedding theme.

* Combine black “Queen of Night” tulips with white tulips.

* White orchids are always beautiful.

* White roses and black roses.

* Other white flowers: Gladiolus, Lilacs, Carnations, Gardenia, Stephanotis, Calla Lily, Apple Blossom, Magnolia, Narcissus, Aster, White Lilies.

Alcohol wise…Black Russians and White Russians, of course!

Source: Wed Theme

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