Renting a Wedding Tux?


Renting a Wedding Tux?
Renting a Wedding Tux?

You thinking about renting a wedding tux for your wedding? You think it’s easy to make that choice compared to deciding on your fiancee’s wedding gown? Well think again!

These helpful Do’s and Don’t Tips from the Wedding Channelshould help you decide on your wedding tux renting decisions:


1) Do look for a tux provider with multiple locations. This is especially important if members of your wedding party live out of town. A store with locations nationwide provides the most convenience — your traveling bud can rent in his hometown, pick up at your location, and return the tux in yet another.

2) Do rent from a store that carries a large in-house inventory. Although your tux will probably be sent from a warehouse location, make sure that the store itself carries a wide selection of tuxes. In the unlikely event that something happens to the suit you ordered, you need to have backup at your fingertips.

3) Do visit your store three to five months prior to your wedding. For the most efficient use of your time, schedule an appointment with a store consultant, who can take your measurements and help you choose a style.

4) Do like your bride and do some research to find a style you like. Bring in a picture so your consultant gets a feel for the look you’re going for. If flipping through your girl’s bridal mags isn’t your thing (and it probably isn’t), surf the web instead. Research a number of stores and browse through their collections, or even customize your own outfit. Print out your dream tux and see if your store can replicate it.

5) Do ask your consultant for recommendations that will complement your body type. There are a variety of cuts for jackets, lapels, shirts, and ties, and the lay tux renter usually does not have the eye or skill to know what looks best on his physique. A professional will have a better sense of which jacket will have the most slimming effect, or which tie best accompanies your shirt style.

6) Do budget accordingly – plan to spend around $150 per person. Don’t forget to factor in any additional accessories, such as cufflinks.

7) Do schedule a final fitting one week before the wedding. If you’ve been pumping iron or hitting the treadmill, you might need some last-minute alterations.

8) Do narrow down exactly who will be wearing a tux. All the men in the wedding party should choose matching formalwear, but you can also have your fathers, brothers, and ushers dress up with you.


1) Don’t wait until the last minute to rent your tux. The very minimum most stores will allow you to rent is two weeks in advance. You should also order early so any mishaps or changes can be made in time.

2) Don’t forget to consider how your men from out of town will be fitted. If there isn’t a store outlet near them, they should send in their measurements to you ahead of time.

3) Don’t let your out-of-town groomsmen send you self-measurements. Your tux shop needs to have accurate measurements to ensure a good fit. Tell your out-of-towners to have their measurements taken by a professional tailor.

4) Don’t assume that all your groomsmen will be responsible enough to remember all dates and details about rentals. Keep them updated with emails and calls to ensure that they meet all the necessary deadlines.

5) Don’t forget to return your tux the next day. After the reception comes to an end, your mind will be on your honey and you honeymoon, so arrange for your best man to return your tux for you.

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