Wedding Placecards

The seating arrangements at weddings can be a daunting task. Deciding how to place your divorced grandparents far away from each other and your single girlfriend with the single friend of your cousin can be a challenging and overwhelming chore, luckily with DearSugar's helpful advice you can get the job done. However once you have decided where to seat each of your guests the fun begins...creating the perfect placecards! Placecards are beautifully written little notes with the name of the guests on the front and a table number on the back. Use your imagination to come up with inventive ways of numbering your tables. At a wedding I attended last September the couple is known for their crazy love for candy. Instead of giving the tables a number they named each one for a different candy (gummi bears, m&m's, skittles, etc). At the tables guests were met by small goodie bags with the candy of their table. If you are having a destination wedding you can name each table after a neighborhood of the city or take pictures of you and your fiance at each of the locations and use these pictures to identify the tables. There are endless ways to decoratively and festively arrange placecards so that your guests are pleasantly surprised upon their arrival to the reception. Attach to a bulletin board decorated in beautiful ribbon, place each card in a stick in potter's soil, write the names on a keepsake seashell, slide a flower into each card. Placecards serve as a nice reminder of your wedding celebration and guests can take theirs home with them so make them special. If you can afford it hire a professional calligrapher to write out all of the names. Got a placecard idea, please do tell it below!

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