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Come Party with Me Wedding - Drinks

By partysugar

Equally as important as the food at a wedding reception are the drinks. People love to be invited to weddings because usually a large amount of alcohol is consumed and offered for free. This is great for the guests but not so great for the bride and groom. To cut back on the tremendous costs of alcohol serve a signature drink, beer, wine, and champagne. Hosting your wedding earlier in the day rather than at night is another way to cut the costs of the drinks because people tend to drink less during the day. Buy the wine by the case wholesale (instead of through the caterer) as most merchants provide discounts that may increase if you purchase multiple cases. Wine purchased through the caterer can cost twice as much and although he will charge you a corkage fee to pour in the long run you will be able to spend more money on other areas of the wedding (like the invitations!). Instead of buying regular sized bottles of wine get magnums (bottles double the size of a regular 350 ml bottle) as it costs less per ounce and you'll cut the cost of corkage in half. Don't offer champagne all night long but splurge on an extravagant bottle and make sure each guest gets a glass during a special toast to the happy newlyweds. To see the signature cocktails I've mixed up for Julie and Scott's wedding and the wine pairings to go with the menu please,

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