Come Party with Me: Engagement Party - Invites

Calling all brides-to-be! Wedding season has begun on the Sugar Network and I am here to help you plan every aspect of the big day. Wow, there I go again getting super excited and jumping ahead. What happens after you've just gotten engaged? You throw an engagement party! Ok, traditionally someone else will throw the engagement party for you, but it's 2007 and if you want to host it (or are hosting one for someone you know who was recently engaged) you've come to the right place because all week I'll be planning an engagement party. I'm helping lucky reader julieulie plan her big day. She got engaged a few months ago, and plans on getting married in May of 2008. Now is a wonderful time to announce her engagement, with plenty of time to spare before sending out her save the date cards. Your engagement party should be a small intimate affair for the families to get to know each other - if they don't already. Select your guests wisely because all those who attend your engagement party will expect to (and should) be invited to your wedding. To see the easy engagement party invitations I've designed for Julie,

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