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Bridesmaid Dresses
Bridesmaid Dresses

So I know you all have heard me post about this a few times, but now its getting down to crunch time...a lil more than 6 months till the wedding, I want these dresses figured out and preferably ordered by the end of March..I think that gives us a good amount of time! So like I said I have 2 MOH's so on Monday I made a PowerPoint presentation of about 25-30 dresses for the girls that I liked. Than I told the girls to pick out there "top 5" and get back to me by this Friday. Then I plan on comparing the two lists ( hopefully some will be the same) I will go and look at swatches, compare prices and see how well they fit...than hopefully we will have our dresses! I thought I would post 1st MOH's top choices--

1) Mellissa Sweet

^ I love this bow--since my dress has a bow too, I thought this would be a good way to incorporate it in the bridesmaid dresses!

2) Dessy Dress

Sorry For the poor Picture quality you can click here to get a better idea!

3) Watters & Watters #5437

^Love this dress!

4) Watters & Watters #1297

^This dress would be in the Pomegranate color, and I feel you really have to look at it in that color to get the full affect!

5) Lazaro #LZ3779

^Another Beautiful Dress! My MOH couldn't choose just 5 so one more...

6) Lazaro LZ3731

And that's all of her choices...what do you think? I know some people probably think I should just pick a dress and my bridal party will deal, but I feel that my MOH's are both very fashionable , and have great ideas! They also know me better than anyone, and I started the process off with dresses I approved of, so in a way I do have the "control". I just also strongly feel that I want all my girls to be happy in the dress, and I love all the input I can get! I will let you know once I get MOH#2s responses!

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