Wedding S.O.S


Wedding S.O.S
Wedding S.O.S

So I know it's Friday night, and I'm probably showing how cool I am, but I'm staying in watching TV with my roommate and fiance. After an insanely busy week at work, and a packed weekend ( membership classes so we can become members at our church! AND fiances birthday gift of an NFL football game in Baltimore!) a night of watching TV appealed to me.

My roommate/MOH is very good about watching wedding shows, so while trying to find something on,we stumbled across Wedding S.O.S

I can promise ALL you brides out there that this TV show will make you feel better about the progress you are making. It is on at 9:00pm on Friday night on channel 122 ( FINE) on comcast cable.

The premise of the show is wedding planner Jane Dayus-Hinch( one of Britain's top wedding planners) gives couples in dire need of help 3 wishes, to make there wedding "perfect". Now keep in mind these wishes come about a week before the wedding is set to take place, and if any other episodes are like the one I watched tonight, these are not minor issue.

In the episode I just watched they were a week away from the wedding without talking to there photographers, they didn't have a DJ, transportation for there guests, or flowers....not to mention many other "little" tasks. In the end the wedding turned out just fine, but I must say seeing how little they had done, made me feel much more on top of my planning.

So if you ever want to feel better about your planning skills, or if you want to see some ideas of how to cut the budget or fix last minute "hiccups" I recommend this show.

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