WAGs Boutique - Episode 6


WAGs Boutique - Episode 6
WAGs Boutique - Episode 6

Another week, another exciting WAGs Boutique episode or as I like to refer to it Michaela versus Julie - Round 1. With Julie finally voted store manager, it all goes pear-shaped when she ends up in a heated row with brat Michaela. With a queue reportedly around the block (somehow I doubt this) Michaela decides to go shopping leaving the customers to the rest of her team to deal with. When she returns to discover that two of the girls have been given the nod to leave early, she starts screaming at Julie in front of customers, only with such an indecipherable accent who knew what she was actually saying. Ever heard of subtitles ITV2?

This week's task titled "The Vintage Challenge" gave each team the opportunity to choose vintage clothes to sell at Portabello Market. Now, while this may seem like a dream project for most, well for me anyway, the selecting and selling of 86 items on a market stall doesn't really float these girls' boats. I guess the putting up of marquees, shifting stock and trying to sell it for bargain prices is work and when the heavens open up, some of the WAGs' reaction is to hide under the table. Eventually both teams are forced to reduce the prices of their stock to £1 an item in order to compete for business. Cold and fed up, Bows manager Julie allows them to go home early which causes Michaela to blow up at her.

Over at Better Half and there are just as many dramas taking place. Store manager Charlotte can't seem to control her staff and when bezzie Cassie takes a three hour lunch with Jadene the feathers start to fly with plenty of tears and more of the solid stuff - bitchiness.

At the final decider, Mentor Anna Park, gives Michaela a right serving for her embarrassing behaviour for which Michaela has no explanation or apology - BRAT!!! As for the challenge, Better Half managed to rake in a total profit £497.27 to Bows £258, making Better Half the overall winners bringing the score to 2.

Feeling compelled to see who'll win next week? Then tune into WAGs Boutique at 9pm every Tuesday on ITV2.

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