Bargain Hunting - Things Remembered

It has been while since my last bargain hunting! Boy do I miss it! Can't wait to show you my find from ThingsRemebered!

Bring your sweet heart with you everywhere - Black & Red Polka Dot Keychain

Matching matching for success - Black & Red Polka Dot Card Case

They also have a pink cover for girls... Although it might not be very professional look, it could be the best gift you can ever give to a girl who knows what she wants and what kinda of person she wants to be! I personally like the chain very much and thinking about ordering it!

wondering how where do I find those bargain? Well... I often got promotion alerts from my favorite stores. Also, I've bookmarked some great great blogs like: The Cheap Chica, Budget Chic and such. They are dedicated to finding "fabuless" things that all girls love.

I am continuing bargain hunting and you don't forget continuing rocking! If you love bargain hunting as well and have found some steals, feel free to drop in comment and share with us!

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