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PlanetLuLu Sale is Back

By Christina

Planet Lulu had big time technical difficulties before the last scheduled sale, but they are back with a vengence this time. Don’t forget that you have to have an invitation to get into the sale, and you can only get that by going to to register for one (so go do this now if you haven’t). Below is all the info about the times and dates:

The Planet Lulu sample sale will run for 27 hours ONLY, from 9pm March 22 through midnight March 23 Eastern time, this time. The last sale was a west coast sale and ran on Pacific time, so don’t let that confuse you. As is the norm, they have LOTS of name brand denim - and all kinds of tops, bottoms, accessories, dresses, shoes - you just have to show up to find out what all they have, so set aside the date - put it on your calendar - and don’t forget!

You can visit Planet Lulu’s MySpace for more info, and maybe a coupon code or two before and during the sale. And while youre there, you can come be my friend too. I got some great stuff at the last sale - which was my first - so I am super excited for this one too! I hope you will join me!

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