Bluetrek MINI Bluetooth Headset - a Modern Jewel?

A modern jewel needs to be useful and stylish, and that is the only part of the MINI's advertising campaign that I agree with.

While it believes itself to be 'an innovative ear jewel that brings with it a whole new way of wearing and displaying headset jewellery' because it can be worn as a pendant, it is apparently 'not only a pendant but a sublime and desirable piece of jewellery.' Look at the picture? Is that your picture of sublime desirability? Does it even look like jewellery? It's not like it's even difficult to turn your average unattractive technological product into a sparklefest these days. Where are the Swarovski crystals, I ask you, Bluetrek?

However, all is not lost. While selling itself as jewellery is a bit of a stretch, this is still a headset with a lot of positive features. In the main, it does not require the use of an ear hook. The MINI fits directly into the ear and comes with an Ergobud® that can be adapted to your ear size. It has 6 hours talk time and 6 days standby time, is compatible with all mobile telephones, PDA devices and computers operating with the Bluetooth Specification V1.2 package, and can do a few useful things like reject a call, redirect a call to your mobile, and use call waiting to name but a few.

Product Page, £29.90 to £32.90
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