Jack LaLanne's JFPJ-B Power Juicer Juicing Machine

By Nancy

The original juicing machine! This powerful, electric home juicer is one of the classic “As Seen On TV” products — and is used and endorsed by the legendary fitness guru Jack LaLanne. Featuring patented juice extraction technology, an extra-large feeder tube, a whisper-quiet 3,600 RPM motor and a surgical quality stainless steel blade, this commercial quality unit is up to any juicing task. When through juicing, the unit is easy to clean for the next use. Comes with recipe/instruction booklet.

It will do anything that has a consistency even remotely close to an apple. Any of your solid fruits veggies, carrot, cucumber, beat, kohlrabi, potato, fennel anything like that. Now it dose have some draw backs, the screen gets clogged on a regular bases, the entrance mouth thoe nice for hole things dose not like small stuff. Parsley for example needs to be put in densely or waded up, even then there is still a good about of pulp from small stuff you put it. The pulp that comes out if farley dry, but when the screen gets full the pulp is typical of low end centrifugal juicers.

Now here is what I like, IT’S QUIET!!!, no really you can actually use an “inside voice” while juicing (a vary pleasant surprise that, that was true), POWER it’s got power to spare the base IS the motor, one big induction motor. It has not slowed down excessively yet, not one time. From what I’ve used in the past it’s short comings are made up buy how easy and fast it is to clean. I only juice about a glass at a time so this may not apply to you… but for me it takes every bit of 8 minutes to clean AND dry after juicing total. All you got to do is use the sprayer before it dries up. Also it seems to be holding up to stains, but again I fully clean it soon after juicing.

I’ve seen many juicers and had a few my self, this is not the best one but for around $100 it not a bad deal for moderate home use. [If you buy it here, it’s not $100..]

If you are having trouble with this juicer, you probably are not using it corectly. It takes some practice to know how to use best juice certain fruits and vegetables and how much you can push through at a time. Once you get the hang of it, it is smooth sailing. You also do not need to clean it every use. Just rinse it thoroughly with hot water. I wash it every few days in the dish washer. I use mine at least once per day and I love it. I will never go back to store bought juice. For the price, this juicer rocks and I am very satisfied.

Product Features:

• Special patented juice extraction technology

• Extra-large round feeder

• Super sized detachable pulp collector

• 3,600 RPM motor has lifetime guarantee and whisper quiet operation

• Commercial Quality with Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

• Bonus Power Juicing Recipe Guide

• Built-In Safety Features

• Pulp Collector

• Dishwasher Safe

• Surgical-Quality Stainless

• Steel Blade

• Commercial Quality

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