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George Foreman GR10ABWR Champ Grill with Bun Warmer Ruby

By Nancy

Model# GR10ABWR

Topped by a bun warmer with a transparent lid in bright red, this Champ is a variant of the popular George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. The electric appliance’s appeal lies in its simplicity and countertop convenience–not to mention its fat-fighting ability. The double-sided grill (a 6-by-7-inch nonstick cooking surface) cooks burgers, steaks, chicken, sausage, fish, shrimp, and vegetables top and bottom in minutes. (Recipes accompany the grill.) Grill marks not only look appetizing, they contribute caramelized flavor. The bottom grill’s deep grooves collect fat, and the grill is sloped so the fat runs off into a dishwasher-safe plastic tray stationed under the unit’s front.

The nonstick bun warmer draws heat from the grill and can be used while food is grilling or by itself. (The entire unit, grill and bun warmer, turns on by plugging in the power cord.) The warmer heats a burger’s bun as well as other bread items, including English muffins, tortillas, pita bread, sliced bagels, and croissants. Because the grill is nonstick, cleanup is a snap: just a quick scrape with a plastic spatula (included) and a quick wipe with a paper towel or a sponge. Written By Fred Brack on Amazon

Here is a great review on Amazon from “Devoted Amazonian since 1996″;

A great little grill for BBQ fun indoors,

I’ve been watching George’s informercials and regular commercials since they first appeared, and I’ve always been tempted to buy a grill. They were kinda pricey, so I never did. But then, I got one of the small grills with the bun warmer as a gift, and now… I AM HOOKED! I have every intention of buying the extra large grill as a result of the fun I’ve had with this one.

What you’ve heard about the grills is all true–they’re really easy to clean, they cook food incredibly fast and evenly, and food really does come out as juicy and tender as the commercials show you. Tell you how good it works: I decided to grill skinless, boneless chicken tenders one night for dinner, but they were frozen solid, and I had a group of surly, hungry family members waiting. Just as a gamble, I put the tenders on the George grill to THAW them a little. Well, they thawed all right and were completely cooked in about 8 minutes. Color me surprised!

I’ve done steak, pork chops, chicken, and shrimp on this little grill, and with each use, I get better and better at gauging the cooking time. I do recommend that you use cooking spray to further the ease of cleanup because spices and marinades tend to blacken (or even burn) where the ridges press into the meat, and cooking spray will slow/stop that. As there’s no temperature control on this model, everything cooks at max power, so time is of the essence in making sure what you’re cooking doesn’t blacken too much.

The bun warmer does just what it promises–warms. No worries about burning the bread because it doesn’t toast; it just makes your breads nice and soft. I enjoy the color choices for the lid with this model–I think it’s a fun little extra that gives some personality to a simple appliance (I recommend the purple). There’s a spatula and drip tray included, and you’ll find that the spatula is better used as a scraper than it is for anything else–it makes short work of removing stuck-on food, etc. You’ll be stunned to see just how much fat drains away from your food.

If I had to come up with one negative point about the grill, I’d say this: it’s not hard to burn yourself on it. The heated surface extends to the sides of the grill, so if you go to move the whole unit, it’s really easy to char your fingers.

It’s a great introduction to the George Foreman line of grills! The price is incredibly reasonable, and the machine works so well, you’ll be glad you got one.

Product Features:

• 39 square inch cooking surface
• Great for grilling burgers, fish, vegetables

• Grills 2 burgers/chops

• Patented contact design grills fast and evenly

• Thermostat controlled ready light

• Non-stick coated cooking plate

• Patented grill grooves let oil run off while food is cooking

• Has a floating hinge to accommodate extra thick chops and steaks

• Special cooking plate and latch design

• dishwasher-safe plastic Drip tray to catch run-off fat

• Specially dishwasher-safe designed spatula which fits perfectly into the groove of the grill plates

• Also includes bun warmer

• Interior wipes clean easily

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