Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

I am sure all of you flat iron fans out there know all about the Sedu irons, and their wonderful reputation as the hands down best iron out there. They have a new model that has launched, the Sedu Revolution Iron.

This iron is designed for not only doing straight hairstyles, but the plates are curved on the edges, which makes curled hairstyling possible as well. I think the flat iron has just about outdated the barrel curling iron - if not, I don’t think it will be long! This is a graphic from Folica that shows the features of this iron that make it a great tool for curling - notice the curved edges of the plates (which keeps it from making a crimp in your hair when you use it for curling), and the grooves (in red) on the iron itself that hold your hair in place (keeping it from exiting the iron on the ends of the plate.

This iron uses tourmaline technology - this is a bit from them as to how that is beneficial to your hair:

The Sedu Revolution heat styling tool uses a recently developed process that utilizes nano technology to micronize particles of tourmaline, infusing them directly into the plates of the styling appliance. Tourmaline

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