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Isis Retro-tech Puzzle

By SaraKalmus

In my family, puzzles are brought out at gatherings, after the food's been eaten and everyone's run out of things to say. Old uncles proffer them to children to buy time before they realise there's no X-Box in the house. They're not exactly synonymous with gaming in the high tech, interactive sense we're used to.

Here comes a puzzle that hopes to change all that. The Isis is a real solid puzzle constructed in layers and covered in hieroglyphics, which you have to jiggle and wiggle around, traditional puzzle-style, to open. But there the Isis breaks with tradition and goes electronic. Inside the Isis is a key, bearing a code which, when inputted into the website, gives you the location of a treasure filled golden pyramid hidden at real locations in the UK, openable only guessed it...that key.

It's a real treasure hunt with a modern twist. And a real prize awaits those who see it through: gold and silver coins of some serious value. The only snag is the price - at close to £100 and claiming to be the world's most difficult-to-solve puzzle, your time might be better spent combing the UK for those pyramids, armed with a hammer and chisel.

Product Page, £98.95
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