Dashing Diva Incredible Extra Virgin Collection


Dashing Diva Incredible Extra Virgin Collection
Dashing Diva Incredible Extra Virgin Collection

I have to say, I was not expecting much from this collection. I have never been one to be very picky about the chemicals in my nail polish, or too worried about them, to be honest. I just want my polish to apply well, and last 2 weeks and I figure we are using alot safer stuff than we did 40 years ago, so it must be ok. So when I heard about this Extra Virgin collection, which is DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene and formaldehyde free, I really thought - there is no way this polish is going to be any good. Each of these chemicals have been blamed for various cancers, birth defects, fertility problems and a myriad of other stuff, so if we can do without them, yeah, we probably should. So, enter Dashing Diva’s Extra Virgin collection:

My assumptions were SO wrong about this polish - this is excellent polish. Absolutely among the best.

First I tried the gorgeous darkest color - Kissing Cranberry Kim - it lasted 2 weeks, no problem. Thinking this must be a fluke, I tried the bright, Prima Donna Pink. Huh, it lasted too. One more - the gorgeous PERFECT red - Convertible Red Connie. It is perfect too. This collection is not only healthier for you (especially important for those of you who are pregnant), but the colors are amazing. The perfect dark red, the perfect red-red, the perfect bright pink - the perfect French manicure colors. The application was great - the polish is nice and thick (not too thick, although you will want to be careful to keep the bottle necks clean or they will get too thick pretty quickly, I bet). This collection seems a little more geared towards cool skin tones, although there are a few of the colors I have not actually seen in person, so there may be some more warmth to those than I think. Get one of each, they are a very reasonable $7.99 each from DashingDiva.com. I promise you will love them!

For more information about polishing your nails so it actually stays on and wears well, explore the Polish That Lasts! category. And please feel free to ask if you have any questions or need any tips.

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