Top 7 Industries for Women ...


More and more women make their way into the workforce. What was once considered to be a โ€˜manโ€™s worldโ€™ has now become a place where women can make their occupational dreams come true. Iโ€™ve posted a list below of the top 7 industries for women. Next to each industry Iโ€™ve made a note of the approximate percentage of women working in each one.

7. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing โ€“ over 45 Percent

The percentage of women in this field is lower than many others, but the annual earnings are nearly $45,000. This type of industry includes jobs involving actual manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, sales, management, clerical positions, information technology, being a consultant for business interested in buying or selling pharmaceuticals, and distribution of products.

Advertising โ€“ over 50 Percent
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