Tips for the Encore Bride - Answered ...


Tips for the Encore Bride - Answered ...
Tips for the Encore Bride - Answered ...

My post on ‘Tips for the Encore Bride’ inspired Crystal to answer each of the questions. Crystal is getting married the second time to the same person and I find that really sweet! Check out her answers below:

Actually, hubby and I are doing just that in two years, for our ten year anniversary:)

**1. Do you want to do everything in a new way? **
Yes, it is going to be totally different. My first wedding was huge - but it was planned in two weeks and my mom made most of the choices (Yes two weeks, 200 guests, full dinner/dance - I have NO idea how we pulled it off!!!)

2. Did you feel overwhelmed by the size of your last ceremony?
Not really - I think because we did it so fast, there wasn’t time to think about that and so it wasn’t as overwhelming as it might have been otherwise.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Did the Style of Your First Wedding Reflect Your Tastes, Regardless of Its Outcome?**

No, not really except that it was outdoors - I always wanted to be married outdoors.

**4. Do you want to find a special role for your children? **
Yes, we have three now, and we want them all involved inour next ceremony.

5. Are you still close to your in-laws, ex-spouse?
Well, I am still married - and I am very very close to my in-laws. His mom is one of my best friends.


Would You Feel More Comfortable with a Civil Ceremony?**

No, our last one was a civil ceremony, this one we want to reflect our religious beliefs as well as our own personal tastes.

Did you get married in church the first time? Nope, in a garden. Our ten year ceremony will be on a private beach at a small lodge we visit every year. We are renting the entire lodge so our friends and family can come up and stay with us for the weekend.

I want to get married again too! Sigh……

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