There is Something about Beach ...


There is Something about Beach ...
There is Something about Beach ...

How many girls out there that are serious beach addict? I am wondering. And how many of you are getting hit by the beach effect and start to put beach around you? I did and I want to share with all of you.


Embroidered">">Embroidered Starfish Tote $2,000

Is it simple? Yes, is it gorgeous? Hell yeah! What a statement? Lady, lady, a true lady!


Classic">">Classic Clutch $795

Have you ever think about bring your favorite beach color into wedding party? It is so stunning!

Oscar de la Renta isn't cheap but totally worth it...

Mother">">Mother of Pearl Bracelet in Gold $44

Can anything be more natural and simple than this? Wearing it with any cozy cloth ... bold and pretty. Wearing it with swimming suit and a simple cover... sexy beach baby.

The Mother of Pearl Bracelet in Gold is made of 2” wide mother of pearl shell pieces. It is connected by a sturdy elastic band, which ensures easy removal and the perfect fit. This bracelet will bring you back to your fondest memories of your favorite beach vacation.

And it is much more affordable compare to what we've seen above. Fashion doesn't always have to be expensive, right?

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