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Date: September 2005
How we met: You guessed it! I'm back on JDate
Previous flirtations: Emails, phone
What we did:
The LA Guy and I planned to meet up in the North End for a drink. (For those not familiar with Boston, the North End is replete with "cute little Italian places." Yay!) I was a little apprehensive about this date, as LA Guy was coming on a bit strong. He had taken to text messaging me and telling me how adorable I was.

I decided I couldn't be so picky about guys that compliments freaked me out, and figured I would go for one little drink. On my way to meet him, I bumped into two older men (we're talking seniors here) that I knew from when I played sports there. They tried to convince me to go out with them instead. I should have taken them up on it.

Anyway, I see a man matching LA Guy's description and photo on a corner, and it is indeed him. We go to a little place on a corner for what turns out to be appetizers and drinks. LA Guy is nice, and he is very knowledgable about sports (big thing for me). However, he continues to tell me how cute I am, making me more and more uncomfortable. ( know you've been dating too long when compliments weird you out.)

The date goes by, and he makes me laugh a few times. I agree to go out with him again when he asks. The night ends with a peck on the cheek on the corner where the bar was located.

Nickname: He had moved to Boston from LA a couple of months before we went out.
FDS: 5 out of 10
How long it lasted: LA Guy and I were trying to set up the next date via phoen and text. One day I get a text message from him reading, "OK, fine, don't answer. I guess I'm not good enough for you." Figuring he must have mis-sent the message, I called him. He scolded me sharply for not responding to his text. I told him I was calling him in response. He told me he had sent me another message I had never responded to. I told him I needed to go, and hung up.

He called me back a little while later, telling me he had sent me another message, but figured out on his phone log that it was to my home phone. Ass. He apologized profusely, and asked when we could go out. I told him I hadn't liked what I had seen from him, and did not want to go out again. He became the Mr. Nice LA Guy again, and wished me the best, telling me how sorry he was that he had f*cked everything up. Whatever, freak.

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