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PHOTO SHOOT Hello Dollie ...

By Elke

The photo shoot I did with Kah (the most fun photographer I've ever worked with. He has so much fun shooting that it's contagious... ) has been edited. Meaning the best photos are picked and retouched, ready to go to a magazine.
But that's NOTHING.

Wait till you see the color shots. You can really see the 'doll' like makeup I did in the color version, while in black and white it doesn't read as much.

Here's one fav in color:

See? pink cheeks and all? The blush was a bright pink from Bobbi Brown (sorry, don't ask me the color name, since the pan was popped out of the case.. but it's a very vibrant, bluish pink that doesn't look so much on. Here? It's packed on! You can find Bobbi Brown @ Sephora.)

Plus the dresses were these gorgeous champagne and beige tones and the jewelry was amazing, that you don't even notice in the black and white. Sadly, when magazines run shots, the photographer may or may not get control over what gets published. The photographer will send in his top favorites and then the magazine edits it from there... And of course we all wait with baited breath hoping the best shots get used. You never know until you open the magazine yourself.

Fotos: Kah Poon

Wardrobe Stylist: Ursula Ugurto

Makeup /Hair: Elke Von Freudenberg

Model: Shay from Trump Models

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