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The Holiday

By dailyglam's

Kate Winslet looked simply stunning at the premiere of her new film, The Holiday. Showing off an adorable new haircut (long in the front, short in the back,) she drifted down the red carpet with the careless finesse of an old time Hollywood starlet. Wearing a form fitting satin suit, she blessed the photographers and reporters alike with her natural grace and poetic poise. Sadly, her publicist was not quite as gracious or eager to spread The Holiday cheer. His menacing glare warned the ravenous paparazzi that they better play their cards right. One question per reporter (if you were lucky,) and “keep it about the film, puh-lease!”

Once Kate made it halfway down the carpet, her publicist decided that enough was enough. He took her by the hand and briskly escorted her into the theater. Still ominously squinting at the media, he rebuffed our persistent pleas. “No more questions. No. More. Questions!” Bah humbug to you, too.

Next was the oh-so-media-evasive Miss Diaz. I conferred with my new found photographer friends, and we determined that Cameron did not yet have her nose fixed… Or did she? Who knows!?! The girl was a blur whizzing down the carpet. I've never seen someone move so fast. I swore that she was running a 5K race in 5 inch heels - and winning! Dazzling in a metallic mini dress, and sporting her quasi-new-brunette-do, she endured the frantic screams of frenzied photographers. “What are you wearing?” “Are you and Justin engaged?” “What's on your Christmas wish list?” “Any New Year's resolutions?” Cameron did a pivot, flashed her million-dollar smile, put on a cutesy pout and emphatically stomped her Manolo, “I make resolutions everyday!” And just like that, Cameron threw us a bone!

After talking about his quiet plans to spend Christmas with family in Wales, Rufus Sewell, the handsome and charismatic Brit, told me what he looks for in a woman: “Um. Teeth.” Suddenly I became very self-conscious, having not checked the reflection of my own pearly whites after devouring a slice of spinach pizza.

Jude Law was the last of the stars to speed-waltz down the carpet. Personally, I've never really been a Law-lover. I just think he's long and lanky, and a little arrogant to boot. I also didn't quite understand his wardrobe selection: a very sleek, fitted suit that accentuated his twiggy frame; a super skinny striped tie; flipped up haughty hair. It's just a little frou-frou for me. I won't deny it. I definitely would have jumped at the opportunity to ask him a few questions (or to “snog” in a corner.) I guess I'm just saying that, this Holiday, Santa has good reason to put Jude on the naughty list!

-Lauren Barth


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