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Go Ahead Take Another Day off.

By Kim

The U.S. financial markets and all federal businesses were closed today, as a national day of respect and mourning for the late President Ford.

That means is if you are a financial trader, a postal worker, an FBI agent, a cook in the White House or any other GOVERNMENT employee, you legitimately got the day off.

My husband works at a gigantic financial services company, here in NYC. His department manages very sophisticated and complex investment instruments.

Some of the people in his group are traders…but many are not.

So when aa young — non-trading — woman, who incidentally, had JUST returned from her two-week Hawaiian honeymoon, asked hubby “…what are we going to do about Tuesday, are we off?”

He nearly lost his stale bagel and schmear…but politely said, “we have work to do.” She did not take it gracefully.

What bothered me about the story was that this person was merely looking to take advantage of what appeared to her a freebie vacation day

The fact that the day had some national meaning escaped her.

But that isn’t even the point…if your boss tells you that you have to come in to work…just do it.

My hubby is such a polite and compassionate boss. Me. not so much…if this person had whined like that to me, I would have sternly said…”uh…a reminder, you’re not a trader and we’re working on Tuesday”.

What this person displayed was disrespect to her boss, and a very simplistic and juvenile approach to her position and responsibilities. (This behavior is part of an ongoing work-ethic pattern.)

Also, I know that everyone is in there own little orb…but honestly…some of us could stand to pay a little more attention to what’s going on in the world.

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