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Spa Towells

By Ellen

HopSee Inc. is a small company out of Garland, Texas, that was founded in 2005 by Lisa Baker and Ellen Persefield. Their first product Spa Towells is a unique portable body lotion in the form of a cotton towelette that looks a bit like a wet wipe.

Each towelette is individually packaged in a little foil packet, making it perfect for traveling or popping in your purse. It has enough lotion to moisturize your entire body.

Spa Towells contain a "perfect balance of natural oils, conditioners and humectants to assist in reinforcing skin’s natural ability to attract and retain moisture."

I found that the Spa Towells gave my skin a lovely sheen and I can really see this being fantastic in the summer for smoothing on your exposed limbs before hitting the town.

The only two comments I have are:

If you are environmentally conscious, the foil wrappers may put you off as they are not biodegradable.

I have been trying to figure out what the fragrance of this product reminded me of and for the longest time I could not think of it. I think I have it reminds me of a tanning bed suntan lotion. It is not my personal fav fragrance but I think that consumers will like it. It just isn’t the fragrance for me.

I do think this product is a great idea and I wish the ladies lots of luck.

Spa Towells are sold in packs of 10, 20 and 30 and can be purchased online. A package of 10 is $19.95.

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