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Wassup chicas? This is me in the illustrious, generous, fergilicious (couldn't resist) Sam Fine's house, minutes after he made me over something fierce for my new author photo! This is also me calling Adam to inform him his wife was somewhere out in the world looking quite DANGEROUS. But back to Sam. This man, as they say in the industry totally BEAT MY FACE. For those of you in the dark, Sam Fine is one of the most beloved and famous makeup artists in the game--and certainly the most beloved among black supervixens like Tyra, Naomi, Iman, Vanessa, Brandi, Mary (he did the Real Love video, okay? Yep, it's that deep)...and, ahem, me. He also wrote the black beauty classic, Fine Beauty. Look into it. Anyway, Mr. Fine was sweet enough to fit me in his jetsetting schedule...and do you see the brilliance, here? I quickly just want to share with you some of tips I picked up from the beauty Buddha:

1 ) to Ensure That Your Look Lasts Till the Wee Hours, Blot down Foundation with a Tissue before Applying Powder. Sam Finished Me around Noon, and I Was Amazed to Find That My Situation Was Flawless 8 Hours Later. Too Bad I Had Nowhere Good to Go That Night

2 ) Don't Be Scared of Brown Shadow. I Never, Ever Use Brown Shadow, or Anything in That Family. I Mistakenly Believed It Was Muddy and Drab. Well, Sam Blessed My Crease with a Stunning Deep Coffee-reddish-rust Color, and I Was Shocked! the Smokiness Was a Less Slutty than when I Apply Black or Khol Shadow to the Crease...and It Really Made My Eyes Pop

3 ) I Always Thought I Did a Yummy Job of Plucking My Own Brows, but when Sam Saw Me He Almost Kicked Me out of His Apartment. the Problem? My Arch Was Super-skinny, and My Front Piece Was Too Thick. Ladies, Keep Things Balanced. if You Favor a Thin Brow, Make Sure the Whole Thing is on the Thin Side. and the Reverse for a Fuller Look. Sor-ree, Sam

4 ) if You're Going to Be Taking Pictures, Give Your Skin Some Ooh-la-la Love by Lightly Dusting a Deep Bronzer

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