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By bumpshack


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• What was the very first full length film Cameron Diaz did that made her a star?• What is Jude Law’s first wife’s name?• When is Kate Winslet’s birthday?• What was the occupation of both of Jack Black’s parents?

Here is a very detailed review of this hit film starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black **and **Jude Law from the BumpWife.

THE">">THE HOLIDAY is a trendy, charming, and at times even magical romantic tale that reflected the best of Los Angeles. The film also takes a look at life on the other side of the pond (England) while the characters tried ways of forgetting a failed relationship while falling upon and into new ones.

While the overall story is one that we may have come to expect as an audience, the film’s way of getting there was more up to date and refreshing than many of its counterparts. There were even a few laugh out loud moments to be had. The downside to the film was the use of modern technology that will date itself quickly as well as some of the relationships that appeared a bit forced (although the actors carried it off well).

Diaz’s character pokes fun at her Affected Angeleno self through the use of trailer and voice over edits (her high powered entertainment industry job). Her focus is reflective of many city girls in their late 20s through 30s so this movie should find a place with these women as it did with me.

Winslet provided the bright, doe-eyed wonder of one who stumbles into “Tinsel Town” without being jaded by her own industry after toying with the idea of doing herself in Sylvia Plath style with her gas burning oven in England. Peripheral satirical comment on the greedy Hollywood industry is provided by a rather eccentric elderly screenwriter from the old days of Hollywood. The inside banter on box office madness gives outsiders an inside peek at the lost glamour of the moving picture while sating the appetite of the audience settled in for a romantic tale.

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