Mother's Day Gift Ideas ...


Mother's Day Gift Ideas ...
Mother's Day Gift Ideas ...

In case you don't win our fabulous Mother's Day Giveaway, here are a few things that I (as a mother) think your mother (or wife) would enjoy :)

From Husbands: Lanvin Kansas tote in Bronze. This is a great bag for the mother of your children, easy to throw on and big enough to tote around stuff for kids of all ages or just for herself. I love the dark bronze color, it's not as flashy as the gold version and it's more versatile as you can wear it with more things (Kelly and I would each like a bronze one if anyone, especially those we bore children for, wants to get it for us). $2,030 at Barneys New York.

Jewelry is always a good idea, but if you have terrible taste, ask for help (her best friend, sister, etc) Perfume is good too, perfume in bottle of handmade crystal, 24k gold, and a diamond solitaire in center is even better (it was created for Queen Victoria, so fitting for the Queen in your life right?) Clive Christian No.1 Perfume$2,350 at Nordstrom. I would never spend that kind of money on perfume not to mention what a waste of a diamond but that's not to say my husband can't buy it :) Frugal husbands can go for the Clive Christian sampler setfor $285, same great fragrance without diamonds and really, who needs that on a perfume bottle? I like my diamonds on jewelry I can actually wear. Both at Nordstrom ($5 shipping!)

Speaking of diamonds, this champagne diamond necklace is tres chic and will be flattering on anyone.$3,200 at Barneys New York

From Daughters: Bottega Veneta's timeless classicsis every mother's dream, that and finding the perfect doctor, I mean husband for you. $1,480 at Net-a-Porter

If your mother is always telling you to wear more color, she'll love this poppy red satchel from Ferragamo. The "Mediterraneo" has subtle silver hardware and gathered sides that lend a lot of style to a basic top handle bag. Another classic that she'll appreciate! $1,190 at Neiman Marcus Free 2 day delivery!

**From Sons: ** (See above tips for your father) another great gift your mother would love is this gorgeous "Emilia" frame from Jay Strongwater, stick a photo of yourself in it and you won't feel as guilty for not visiting her as often as she'd like. $295 at Neiman Marcus

**From Friends: ** I've raved about the Chantecaille Les Trios Palette
on Beauty Snob, your friend will love it too.

Diptyque Honeysuckle Candle: Can't treat her to a trip to Hawaii? The Diptyque Chevrefeuille (Honeysuckle) Candle will take her there everytime she lights it.

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