The Guide to Eloping


The Guide to Eloping
The Guide to Eloping


Let’s">">Let’s Elope: The Definitive Guide to Eloping, Destination Weddings, and Othercreative Wedding Options

I’ve never seen a book about eloping! My, the world is so different now eh? Let me know what you think of if you get the chance to read it!

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A wedding is supposed to be a romantic dream, but most couples find that after endless meetings with Mom and Dad to discuss flowers, invitations, and hors d’oeuvres, they’re wistfully fantasizing about flying off to a tropical island to say I do in their bathing suits.Well, more and more couples are doing just that. Eloping is the hot new trend in weddings. There are many different ways to elope — these days, eloping is anything other than a traditional wedding. From a weekend alone in the Caribbean to an intimate country inn wedding with family and friends, Let’s Elope is filled with creative ideas for couples to exchange their vows in a memorable, personal way that won’t cost them a fortune — or their sanity. Let’s Elope includes: — A brief history of weddings — and why people first began to elope– A quiz to help readers decide if eloping is right for them– Inspiring anecdotes from real-life couples who chose to opt out of a traditional wedding– Elopement etiquette, including how to break the news to family and friends– Information on how to plan destination weddings, country weekend weddings, and surprise weddings– Up-to-the-minute addresses, phone numbers, and websites for the world’s top elopement spots– Ideas for what to do with all the money that’s left over!

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