The Beautynomist's Resolutions for the New Year!


Hi everyone! Now that it’s the end of the year, and we’re saying hello to a new, and wonderful year, alot of things excite me!

I know, this year has been a blast! First, I was given a chance to blog about my thoughts on beauty, and reviews on various cosmetics and beauty products, and I also got to meet alot of people, co-beauty bloggers whom I adore for their kindness, as well as my readers who email me to ask for advise. It has never been so fulfilling to write about one’s thoughts and share them to the world.

Of course, writing wouldn’t be okay, if you don’t love what your writing. My favorite subject happened to be Beauty and Economics, boy o boy, I definitely maximized my utility! Whoopee!!

Thank you for all the companies who have emailed me for product reviews, thank you for my co-bloggers for brainstorming with me on which products worked for them or not, and thank you for friends who have always been there for me!

So many things to be grateful for, and so many things to look forward this 2007!

Okay, my resolutions? here they are!

1. Make My Skin as Perfect as Possible - Try to Religiously Go to the Dermatologist until My Skin Clears up

Faithfully stick to mineral makeup - I love mineral makeup to pieces! ( That explains my other blog! ) Mineral makeup is skin care makeup, so it would be a stepping stone for perfect skin
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