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It's February 1st and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. For those of you that have a special someone in your life I have a couple of sassy tasty goodies:

**Open Sundaes Kissable Body Syrup**
This edible water-based massage oil combines rich emollients for silky soft skin and ice cream flavours to tempt and tantalize.
Comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours.
$13.00 CAD at www.opensundaes.com

**Cake Dessert’s On Me XO Whipped Body Spread
**This kissable whipped body spread smells like chocolate raspberry cake - yummy! Dessert’s On Me XO is as yummy to your lips as it is to your skin and contains pure coconut oil, pure sweet almond oil and cocoa butter to keep your skin soft, supple and fabulously moisturized.
$24.00 CAD $24.00 USD at www.cakebeauty.com

**Smell This Body Butter**Indulge in a decadent moisturizing body butter. Massage on and lick off!

Cocoa butter, hemp seed oil and vitamin E give your body a nourishing snack while your taste buds

Comes in delicious chocolate mousse, bananalicious and spicy ignite (like cinnamon hearts)
$14.95 CAD at www.smellthis.ca

Dessert Beauty Deliciously Kissable Hot Topping
Hot Topping is silky, sensuous, and kissably luscious and melts into your body to smooth your skin and raise your pulse. It also smell delicious!
Slip (cherries softened by a touch of mixed berries)
Slide (caramel softened with steamed milk and vanilla bean)
$5.00 USD at www.sephora.com

**Kama Sutra Lover's Paintbox, Edible Body Chocolate****
**Indulge two of your passions at once with this rich, chocolate body painting set. Brush dark, milk, or white chocolate onto the one you love and enjoy a feast for the senses. An artful way to show your love.
$28.00 USD at www.drugstore.com

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