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Store-It Pro Review the Ultra-Portable Pink Hard Drive ...

By Chip

If you’ve been looking for a light-weight solution to carry around your files, and the capacity of a USB key just won’t cut it, look no further. Pexagon Technology’s Store it Pro hard drive is a stylish and lightweight hard drive available in pink or black. Our test unit came in pink. Not a light pink, but a darker shade which I personally prefer. We’re crazy about the fact that you can customize it with an engraving. Pexagon customized ours with the Chip Chick Logo on the front and my name on the back. Not only does that admittedly make me feel special, it’s also practical so that in case you ever lose your drive, the person who finds it will instantly know who it belongs to.

The drive itself is just 1.3cm thick and very light, yet it has a pretty tough aluminum chassis that provides good durability. Also, it is USB powered so it doesn’t require carrying around any bulky AC adapters. Inside the case is a 5,400rpm Hitachi Travelstar hard drive with an 8mb buffer which is speedy enough for most tasks. However, keep in mind that anything less than 7200rpm is really not appropriate for playing video files off of and other media intensive tasks. We used SiSoftware’s Sandra benchmarking software to test the hard drive’s transfer speeds and compare it to other popular drives. The Store-It faired very well, coming out in second place, right under Maxtor’s much heavier and larger One Touch hard drive. The comparison test also proved it to be significantly faster than the popular SanDisk Cruzer Titanium flash drive and the Sony Micro Vault.

Really, the Store-It Pro is a drive designed for backing up your files and transferring and transporting files from computer to computer. The one-touch back up button works with the included Retrospect software so that you can easily back up with the press of a button. It’s easy and all the work is done for you, once you have installed the software of course. The USB 2 port ensures compatibility with practically everything out there and a double headed USB cable is included as well. However, there is no firewire port which we would have liked.

The drive also comes with a faux leather sleeve which will keep the drive clean and cushion it from bumps a but as well. I have a Lacey drive which I’ve been carrying around for a while, and I probably should have kept it in a pouch or something because it’s already pretty scuffed up. Kudos for Pexagon for including a sleeve.

Overall, the Pexagon’s Store-It Pro Drive has been a pleasure carrying around in my bag for transporting files and to use for easy back up. We love it’s size and design, and highly recommend it for those of you who need more space than a USB key can offer, but don’t want to carry around a bulky and heavy external hard drive with an AC adapter.

The Store-It Pro comes with a generous 3 Year Warranty. We tested the 40GB version which is currently on sale for $79.99 after rebate but the drive is available in 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, 120GB, and 160GB sizes. Also, for a limited time you can get a free custom laser engraving which we really appreciated. If you have the cash, get the 160GB version for $179.99 after rebate, that really is the best value. After all, these days, those gigs run out fast. And for those of you that aren’t crazy about pink, the Store-It Pro is also available in black.

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