Ergo Ergo...the Collection ...


Ergo Ergo...the Collection ...
Ergo Ergo...the Collection ...

When I first heard about Coach's ergo Collection , and when I subsequently saw the logo, I was really excited.

The vintage typeset, reminiscent of the old Gap typeset, made me almost sure the collection would be a nod to the genius who started Coach on the road to what it is today, Bonnie Cashin and her Cashin Carry handbag collection designed for Coach in the 60s (the link is to an online retrospective of her designs and ads of the period, and her influence is still apparent).

Sadly, there was nary a real body bag in sight, though the Crossbody is slim and small enough to be a decent substitute.

The original body bag was soft enough that it formed to your body, and could be worn under a coat. While this style doesn't seem suited to be hidden away, it will definitely conform to your shape for a very streamlined silhouette. This does have a vintage Coach look to it, as well as being similar to styles seen during fashion week. The Crossbody is available in a fairly uninspired color palette of tans, black, white, or "logo" retails for a reasonable $278. I'm not a Coach fan, but this one I like...I wish it came in a vintage Coach red.

Not slim, or unobtrusive, and not terribly vintage looking (though the leather is listed as vintage), though also from the ergo group (albeit the opposite end of the spectrum of ergo), is the Maude XL tote.

It's a decent looking, large sized tote which is most notable, if you ask me, for it's price of $998. Yes, good old Coach is heading into 4-digit territory, and with a singularly bland bag to boot. I haven't tried this on myself, but in my experience, Coach tends to be on the heavier side, making any larger bag uncomfortable to carry. Also, speaking just for myself here, if I'm spending that much on a bag, I would look for something with a bit more style...I just wouldn't spend it on an ordinary Coach bag.

However, I do know that Coach has it's fans, and this may be the tote they have been waiting for. It is available from Coach.

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