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Can we just take a minute to gush some more about **Product Body**?

I first wrote about this incredible line of handmade bath and body goodies from mastermind Joanna Schmidt **back in June 2006**, when I raved about the Cream and the Bubble Rubble. I wrote about **Crush on You moisturizing scrubby cleanser** **twice**, and named it one of my **"Favorite Things" of 2006**. It's a permanent staple in my shower.

But the fact is, it's not just Crush on You that's so good. ALL of Joanna's products are outstanding. I've come full circle and am now (re-)hooked on the Cream, which was the first item from the line that I tried. **Product Cream** somehow manages to pack in a whole lot of shea butter while maintaining a smooth, easy to spread, non-greasy texture. It's deceptively lightweight; it feels like a light, dainty cream, but works lightyears better than the thick, industrial strength moisturizers that you only think are better.

Cream is my go-to on the days when I'm not slathering on pounds of tanner to report on; and believe me, both the texture and the scent are a welcome change from some of the fake bake products I've been trying in the name of research!

Product Cream is available in 4 scents, all of which are divine, but I highly recommend the Yuzu. I nearly had it stolen from me twice - once by my own mother, and once by one of my best friends - it's that good. $19.50 at ****.

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