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Surf the Web with the Internet Umbrella ...

By Jonathon

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Ever been caught in the rain in an unfamiliar city, scrambling to find your destination while trying not to get soaked? What if you could hop online, pull up a map, and be on your way -- all while you were walking down the street?

That's the idea behind the new Pileus Internet Umbrella. It works like a normal umbrella, only it's connected to the Internet, and comes with a large screen on the top surface, a built-in camera, a motion sensor, GPS, and a digital compass. In addition to helping you navigate, it also works as a social photo-sharing device -- all while protecting you from the rain.

The umbrella uses both Google Earth and Flickr, so as you walk, you can see where you're at online -- in real time -- while also taking photos, and uploading them for your friends to see within minutes.

I've always been in love with umbrellas -- as I think staying poised and comfortable in spite of the rain looks incredibly sophisticated. Now that my favorite fashion accessory is going geek chic, I'll be the glued to the Weather Channel, hoping for a downpour.
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