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In a season where self tanners and bare skin feel like a must, the routine can be harsh and time consuming. There are a million salt scrubs on the market, making selecting one almost as difficult as finding the right tanning formula. Most are made with large salt granules, and are combined with a heavy amount of fragrance and oil, making it very difficult to wear any fragrance besides that of the scrub. So what’s a gal to do?

Borghese has the answer, with their Sali Esfoliante Salt Scrub ($37). This scrub moisturizes while it exfoliates, with a combination of avocado, mango and shea butters to create a creamy texture, without the need for messy oils. Plus, the salt crystals are more refined, leaving your skin feeling invigorated and smooth to the touch. Sali Esfoliante has a light marine scent, making it easy to wear any fragrance of your choice after use.

The Tono Body Creme ($45) is the perfect post-scrub companion to Sali Esfoliante. Tono Body Creme is an extra rich moisturizer utilizing the aromatherapy powers of peppermint, rosemary, lavender and geranium oils to hydrate skin while improving it’s overall tone and texture. It revitalizes those pesky dry spots without leaving the skin sticky or oily. Tono is also available in a lightweight lotion formula ($35).

Borghese is currently offering a free gift with any $35 purchase, available at Long recognized as a leader in at home spa treatments, Borghese also offers the wonderful Fango masks, for Face & Body, as well as Hair & Scalp. Still not convinced? Click here to locate your nearest Borghese counter.

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