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Mail2Web Offers Global Wi-fi and Dial up Internet Access Plans ...

By Chip

If you often travel internationally, then you know what a pain it can be if you need to rely on having frequent internet access for your laptop. Sure you can get AT&T’s laptop card that will work in most of the world, but their global data plan for roaming isn’t unlimited so your bill is likely to end up in the thousands if you use the internet heavily. The other alternative is to pay for wifi hotspots where you can get them, but the problem with that solution is that that if you pay for daily access for each different hotspot you use, that also ends up getting pretty pricey. Also, there will be times when you can’t even find a hotspot and the only alternative is dial up, but who wants to sign up with a local internet dial up service when you only need to use it for a short time? So what is a globe trotter to do?

Finally, someone is offering a reasonably priced global solution for internet access.’s Business Connect Solution, powered by iPass gives you internet access in over 170 countries. That includes over 28,00 dial up locations and over 60,000 wifi access points, as well as access to over 7,500 T-mobile hotspots in the U.S. Each account also includes a complimentary SMTP gateway and 24/7 support. Service begins at $5.95 for a monthly base fee and then there are daily rates depending on which region you are in. For example, the daily rate in Western Europe for Wifi access is $36. Overall, this isn’t exactly a cheap solution either for global traveller, but for the moment it’s the most affordable one we can find.

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