Collection of Airline Safety Cards ...


Collection of Airline Safety Cards ...
Collection of Airline Safety Cards ...

Federal regulations require that before every take off, airlines are required to provide a safety demonstration to passengers.

This can be done by showing a short video clip in the cabin, with Flight Attendants demonstrating the location and use of equipment, or it can be done live. As part of this safety briefing, you will be told about the safety information card, which is generally located in β€œthe seat pocket in front of you.” Even after millions of miles of air travel, I still pull out the safety card and review the information for the specific type of air craft that I’m traveling on.

Flight Attendants take safety seriously, and we want passengers to do the same, and of course we all hope that we never need to use that information that we are telling you about. Despite the importance of the topic of safety, most people get a chuckle out of some of the cartoons and caricatures used to illustrate the safety cards, some of which don’t appear to have been updated since the 1960’s.

Take a look through this collection of airline safety cards, and see if any look familiar to you. I have included one of my favorites (above). The text of the site appears to be in Russian, and I couldn’t find a translation, but the pictures tell the story.

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