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Yesterday's Haute List in the NY Post solved a problem many fashionistas items lose their "IT" factor once they become easier to get, and more common. A $1500 bag, for example, feels extravagant, but anyone who has willpower to scrimp and save, and patience to wait as long as it takes, can eventually own one...not to mention the knockoffs are getting better and better for those who can't wait, or just wouldn't dream of spending that for a bag.

Enter, a solution (note: this is not for everyone, some may even be horrified at the idea)...

While not a fortune, Goyard is a good example of a brand that is being comodified, and at least in NYC, the totes are as ubiquitous as an LV Speedy. If you look closely, you can see the Goyard signature fabric peeking out, from underneath the handiwork of a local graffiti artist. What was once a years old tote seen coming and going, is now a unique piece of carryable art.

Not exactly a new idea, Stephen Sprouse famously made Louis Vuitton chic again when he was hired to tag up a collection 6 years ago...

but this takes it back one step to what initially inspired that idea.
Unless you, yourself are artistic, I wouldn't recommend this as a DIY project. However, if you know a talented artist (hang out at a local art school, or skate shop) like their style, and trust them to not mess up the bag...hold your breath, close your eyes, and jump in!...this is a great way to have something really singular...not to mention it definitely adds points to your style-cred ranking.

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