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Dr. Scholl's DR1113 Back Cushion Massager ...

By Nancy

**I** knew what caused my backache….but why would HE have a Backache?!

It was only a year ago, when we went out for the day - on a shopping spree to the huge “Woodbury Common Mall”…. - in Harriman, NY. After four hours of browsing (and carrying 2 shopping bags of purchases) I felt my back breaking! I told my friends that I need to take a break….and so did they. We sat down and rested until my “back pain” subsided a little.

We continued strolling the mall hoping to accomplish everything on our shopping list. I was almost successful….and had to stop short after another two hours…..due to my stressful pain in my back.

**I** approached my awaiting husband in the parking lot - where he was in the meantime (enjoying) watching some DVD’s in the car, and I’m complaining about my back breaking in half.

Imagine what his reply was….”and do you have any idea how sore my back feels sitting here almost five hours!”

And I thought he is relaxing!!

“We used to often wander - To places near and far - Now we get backaches - From riding in the car!”

So now honey, it’s over! We’re getting the Dr. Scholl’s Back Cushion Massager and let me go prepare my shopping list!

Product Features:
• Larger-size cushion offers soothing full-length support for your back• Visco-elastic foam adjusts to your body heat and weight,• Remembers its original shape• Battery-operated Massage Motor Relaxes Tired Muscles• Provides pressure-point relief• (Batteries not included)

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