Social Events of the Week

Just Cavalli New York Flagship Opening, New York

I may have liked Jennifer Lopez' outfit here if she had lost the hat.

Simple, yet gorgeous. I love that Diane Kruger did not accessorize this dress, as it did not need it.

Beautiful colour on her.

I am loving Mary J Blige's new do. I am glad she chose a top to go over the black dress. The animal print works well here.


Mena Suvari rocks here. The hair, the dress, the clutch, the earrings.

Her ensemble is perfectly put together.

This has to be the best I have seen Nicky Hilton this year. The baby blue makes her eyes pop.

I love the royal blue on Tyra Banks.

Sexy and strapless on Petra Nemcova.

Jessica Simpson tries hard to show that she belongs with the fashion elite (but fails).

She has been sniffing around New York all week hoping that a designer will invite her to their show, which they have not.

Little sister Ashlee Simpson, on the other hand, has been one of the darlings of Fashion Week. Oh what a different a nose job makes.

Michelle Trachtenberg can do cute, but she can also do vamp. Very sexy here.

I love model Lydia Hearst gorgeous red hair. I wish this colour would suit me.

Deborah Cox ruins a perfectly good outfit by not styling her hair before this event.

MTV Pre-Award Show Party At Jet Nightclub, Las Vegas

A new blonde Nelly Furtado is gorgeous in this salmon dress.

Eve is hot again this week.

"Late Show with David Letterman", New York

The brown dress is much better on Jessica Alba, than the gold sequined dress with thick tights below.

Launch of Twenty8Twelve, Canada

Sienna & Savannah Miller continue to promote their impressive range.

I do like what they are both wearing and I even think the top hat that Sienna is wearing is quite cute.

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Save the Children's 75th Anniversary Celebration, New York

Mischa Barton

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