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"30 Days of Fashion & Beauty" Launch Event, Sydney

Wow....look what happened to Delta Goodrem? She looks hot.

Her dress is very similar to the dress Mary-Kate Olsen wore by Lily et Cie to the Costume Institute Gala this year.

I hate Elle McPherson for always being drop-dead gorgeous, and this white dress does nothing but prove that fact.

Heroes Series 2 Photocall, London

I love this colour Hayden Panettiere.

She teams her red dress/black belt ensemble with her black slingback Louboutin's and their distinctive red sole. Cute.

MTV TRL, New York

'A' only for effort as I love the royal blue.

Serena Williams tries bless to her, but today is an off day.

Speedway's Running Wide Open Event, California

I fall in love with this girl more and more each day. Rihanna has managed to get rid of the caste, but her foot is still bandaged and she still looks hot.

"The Kingdom" Press Conference, Japan

HOT, Hot, hot. Jennifer Garner looks flawlessly beautiful here.

Signature Apparel Party, Las Vegas

Eve is still keeping that alcohol bracelet covered and is looking great in this stylish waist coat.

I like the hair and the shoes on Ciara but that's all.

Who puts front pockets on a dress that small?

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