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Signed and Quilted... with Lots of TLC ...

By Miss

I always liked the idea of the autograph mats for people to sign with their well wishes but I just feel like it's played out. Then my mom came up with the idea of a wedding quilt (she is a quilter!) that people will sign and she will quilt together after the wedding!!!

My mom was already making a wedding quilt for us but she will be bringing along blank squares for people to write well wishes to us and then she will add the squares into the design of the quilt. I don't know how big it will or even what the general design is - it's a surprise! But, I'm sure it will be wonderful and heartfelt in everyway.

Here is a link I found online - if you, too, are interested in an alternative to the traditional guestbook.

And here is a picture from the site linked above...

I love how it's something that we will definitely be able to keep forever and ever and use everyday (even!) if we want to. I can already envision a great big black and white pictures that I'd like to take of our sweet little bundle of joy wrapped up or crawling about it, all spread out on the floor with toys. :)

I'll try and post pictures of the most of the quilt soon after the wedding happens so you can get a better idea of how we went about it!

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