Show Us Your Cookbooks!

This month is all about summer reading here at YumSugar. We're talking about our favorite cookbooks, our favorite books about food, and books that just make us think of food. I don't know about you, but we have books in our collection that we just can't live without. For me it's Baking Illustrated by the editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine. For PartySugar it's Williams-Sonoma's The Bar Guide by Ray Foley. We've both taken pictures with our favorite cookbooks and now we want you to do the same! So go ahead and take a picture of you with your favorite cookbook (or book that relates to food, drink or entertaining) and send it on over.

You can use the Look Book feature on TeamSugar, or post it in a blog or on your own website. When everyone's submitted their photos (due date: August 24), I'll do a giant post featuring everyone's pics!

To be included in the roundup, notify me via email ( or PM by August 24 with the following information:

- Name you want me to use
- Where you're from
- What book you chose
- Link to your look book, blog post or website OR photo of you holding your favorite cookbook
- One short sentence on why you chose that book

Can't wait to see your fave cookbooks!

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